Acoustic Art & Pin

Acoustic Art & Pin

Acoustic Art

Beautifully considered commercial spaces often present acoustic challenges. With noise reverberating and echoing off the hard surfaces found in minimalist rooms, vast foyers and intimate spaces.

Our WhisperArt® acoustic panels can reduce that unwanted noise, while allowing a visual dimension into the space in the form of artwork. Not only do we provide acoustic panels, we now offer a superior art image library; so you can choose the perfect art to suit both your commercial space and decorative style.


How the acoustic panels work?

Each panel consists of an acoustic polyester infill, which acts as a sound absorber and is made using a minimum of 80% recycled products. The sound waves pass through the outer skin of fabric, and through to the infill where the sound energy is absorbed.


How are they made?

Our panels are pre-assembled and ready to hang acoustic solutions. Each panel is constructed of a robust PVC tracking system, which houses the acoustic infill. We then cover this framework with your choice of image printed onto a flame retardant fabric.


Can I customise the size of my art panels?

Each acoustic art is produced to specification, so we can create any size requested. However, transportation of the panels must be considered, the option for oversized pieces to be sectionalized into more manageable sizes is available.


How do I get the best acoustic outcome?

This will largely depend on the space the art is going in, as each area has a different reverberation behaviour. Some suggest about 30% of wall coverage will ‘tame’ a noisy room, although any acoustic panel addition would help. For a  specific acoustic outcome, consult with an Acoustic Engineer.



We provide a hanging mechanism and instructions with each Whisper Art panel. Alternatively Materialised can quote on installation.


Caring for Acoustic Art?

Panels will need a regular gentle vacuum with the appropriate attachment. Full care instructions can be found here.


Additional benefits…

Once you have invested in the acoustic art panels, the fabric skin can be replaced. Whether they have been damaged or they require a decorative update, it’s a simple and cost effective change of fabric to get a whole new look and feel.

For art to suit your space you may supply your own images. Alternatively utilise our wide range of textile prints and our extensive new art image library. Either view and download our acoustic art brochure or view the image online by clicking below.

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Materialised manufacture WhisperArt® in-house; this commitment to quality is defining the new standard for design flexibility, acoustical performance and value. For more information, please contact us on: 02 8558 3500 or email: