Hush – Acoustic Sheers & Blinds

Hush Sheers

You’ll hardly believe the huge difference a simple sheer fabric can make to the acoustic amenity of a room. Yet our Hush Sheer and Hush Blind fabrics are a lightweight, translucent, acoustic textile. A combination previous unavailable for commercial spaces.

Hush Sheers comes in three different patterns, all in a simple, neutral colour palette. It has the added advantage of being woven at 330cm wide, making it perfect for installations where large window are a feature.

Hush Blind fabric is the same lightweight, acoustic solution that will help with the reverberation within a space, yet it offers a modern, low profile option. It consists of two different patterns and colour ways: Soundcheck in pumice and Wavelength in White.

See our videos to hear the amazing effects of these fabrics in a commercial space…

Hush Sheer Drapery Video

Now take a look at how our Hush Blind fabric performs